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The execution platform for organizations in need of efficient, trusted, and transparent technology solutions.

Increase Efficiency

Accelerate deliverables, sync feedback loops, and promptly process payments by utilizing an array of integrated micro-services.

Manage Risk

Maintain control of your budget by locking scope, securing funds, and executing transactions using our smart contracts recording to the blockchain.

Provide Transparency

Track Progress towards your project deliverables and make informed decisions with real time business intelligence dashboards and live product roadmaps.

Reduce Costs

Access top global talent at competitive price points while seeing a greater return on investment from reduced cross border transaction fees.

Features for every
stakeholder type

Sprinter was engineered to focus on three unique user types and their specific UI + UX needs.

Project Reporting

Provide key decision makers with data insights

Real Time Stats

Track progress as each sprint progresses

Payment Escrow

Smart Contracts eliminate unsatisfactory work and scope creep

Project Notes

Single source of all ideas, feedback, and updates

Kanban Board

Align all parties with easy to use project management tools

Talent Sourcing

Quickly find teams to source a project

Sprint Planner

Plan upcoming work and get sprints approved faster

Project Onboarding

Guided setup for quicker kickoffs

Roadmap Management

Longterm planning for better execution

Team Chat

Communicate with key stakeholders in real time

Time Tracking

Manage team output and delivery schedules

File Management

Keep all project documents in one place for easy access

Quick Shortcuts

Turn any note or comment into an actionable task

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