Sprinter Membership NFT Utility

August 3, 2022

Ownership conveys several benefits, including the ability to conduct business and earn on the Sprinter platform while gaining early access to valuable $RUN tokens.

Key Takeaways:

  • The member NFT functions as a single-user license for the Sprinter platform, where members can lead projects and complete tasks on the platform. 
  • Holders also receive an allocation for the upcoming $RUN airdrop.
  • Plus, they receive members-only access to the Sprinter Roadmap, future mints, DAO governance, and token-gated events.

Sprinter gives you everything you need to go further, faster. Grow your business exponentially through a global talent network of like-minded technology teams unified through a proprietary technology platform. The Sprinter platform and network open up massive opportunities for individuals and agencies. 

How Sprinter Benefits Individuals.

The Individual member NFT functions as a single-user license for the Sprinter platform, where members can lead projects and complete paid tasks on the platform. The Individual Membership NFT also gives holders an allocation for the upcoming $RUN airdrop in addition to members-only access to the Sprinter Roadmap, future mints, DAO governance, and token-gated events.

Access to the Sprinter Platform and Network.

Sprinter falls at the intersection of business management software, on-demand service marketplace, and distributed talent network.

At its core, the Individual Membership NFT gives holders access to the Sprinter platform and talent network. This membership is specially designed for two classifications of individuals: Leads and Pros.


Leads are those individuals who manage projects. For these individuals, Sprinter helps break projects into manageable tasks — and then connects them with pros who can complete those tasks. 

Imagine it like creating an Asana project, only one that takes your tasks and seeks out pros who can finish them for you.

Sprinter helps Leads conceptualize and manage their projects while connecting them with a global talent pool that can execute their project’s tasks. Our cryptocurrency and stripe integrations make it easy to securely pay pros once the work is accepted. 


Pros are highly skilled individual contributors. Maybe they're a developer, a designer, or an artist. Regardless of their skill, Sprinter makes it easy for them to find open projects, put that skill to work, and get paid. Sprinter’s smart contracts ensure that pros get paid when their work is accepted.

The $RUN token airdrop.

A Sprinter NFT isn’t just a single-user license for the Sprinter platform. It's a portal into a global community of technologists and web3 enthusiasts. 

Sprinter rewards early adopters through an airdrop of Sprinter’s native ERC-20 $RUN utility token. The $RUN token can be used to pay for services on the Sprinter Network and can be used to earn yield via staking.


Users who transact on the Platform with $RUN receive a premium on their rates. Clients will receive a discount on services when selecting to pay member vendors with $RUN. Members also have the ability to contribute work like engineering, marketing, sales, and community development to the Sprinter network to earn additional $RUN tokens.


Holders of Sprinter’s $RUN token can stake their tokens to provide liquidity to the network in exchange for yield. The longer you lock up your $RUN tokens, the higher your APY will be.

DAO Governance.

By owning an individual NFT, you will receive partial governance over the SprinterDAO by proxy through the airdropped $RUN token. All $RUN token holders will be granted DAO votes. Proposals will be presented and voted on using Snapshot and recorded on-chain. 

Through SprinterDAO, network members have the ability to directly affect decision-making pertaining to the Sprinter Platform and Network. Imagine if you could have this level of customizability and control over the other platforms you use daily. Collective governance made possible with web3 allows Sprinter to ensure that the platform and network are first and foremost accountable to its members. 

DAO holders also have a say regarding how the DAO’s treasury allocates the ETH raised via membership minting. In web2, the money you spend on software is funneled into the large marketing, employee, and rent costs incurred by the companies behind them. With web3 platforms like Sprinter, your mint costs are allocated to initiatives that further improve the utility of your membership.

Access to future mints. 

Sprinter will continue to return value back to its members through additional NFT minting opportunities. As a holder, you will be guaranteed a spot on the allowlist.

Local @ Scale.

Sprinter is a network of curious technologists around the world. While we believe asynchronous distributed work is the most efficient way to drive ideas forward, we understand human connection is equally important. Our network is local at scale, making it easy for leads and pros to connect with clients across the globe while maintaining a local footprint in select cities.

Sprinter will be hosting token-gated events within these cities as well as web3 industry conferences like NFT.NYC, Consensus, and ETH Denver. We believe that these IRL installations foster a stronger community amongst our members.

The Agency Membership NFT

The Agency Membership NFT provides holders with all the benefits of the individual membership, plus the ability to lead agencies. This membership is best suited for teams leading multiple projects at once. 

Let’s say you’re an investing DAO, and you have various sub-DAOs representing deal flow, due diligence, and marketing efforts.

The top-level DAO itself would hold an Agency Membership NFT, while the leaders of each sub-DAO and each contributor within the sub-DAO would hold an Individual membership NFT.

In a web2 business, this would be like an enterprise account yielding a set number of seats for employees. The key difference is that these membership NFTs are assets that can be sold on the secondary market if need be. 

Ownership of an Agency NFT gives holders licenses to up to 250 individual memberships to distribute amongst its contributors or team. That NFT ownership also provides owners access to the Sprinter network. 

Take, for example, a marketing sub-DAO that needs help with SEO Optimization but does not have any current contributors with that skill set. The project Lead could easily contract a pro within the Sprinter Network to complete the tasks associated with that role.

Agency membership holders will also be granted the largest claim of $RUN and an exclusive agency-only section of the platform that will allow for the management of a broader array of employees and projects.


Sprinter is a project management platform and global talent network all bundled into one. By minting a Sprinter NFT membership, you will receive lifetime access to the platform, a claim to Sprinter’s upcoming $RUN airdrop, governance of the SprinterDAO, and exclusive access to Sprinter’s roadmap, future NFT drops, and token-gated community events.