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Sprinter is the most direct way to  source, manage, and operate remote tech teams. Leverage a trusted member network and powerful software platform to get more done, faster.

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Project Management Software + Freelance Talent Agency - All-In-One

Your business needs are expanding. You may need freelance software developers, or you’re looking for the best project management software to manage an ever-growing list of tasks. Perhaps you need both - people to help meet your deadlines, and software to track their project progress. That’s where Sprinter comes in - we can provide you with both. 

Key Benefits

With Sprinter, our freelancers come as a package with our project management software.

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  • You set the tasks in our platform, and our fully vetted team of talented freelancers will complete each task to your satisfaction. 

  • Then you can easily and intuitively track our freelancers progress via our best-in-class project management software platform. 

An All-In-One Solution

An agency of talented freelancers + project management & tracking software. 
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