Optimizing the experience of patients in need of medical cannabis

Terrabis came to Sprinter with their ideas and passion to build the ultimate cannabis patient experience, and by applying a variety of unique solutions, we helped them accomplish their mission.


Terrabis is a privately held, multi-state cannabis operator. Founded by the belief in the power of cannabis to heal, Terrabis is dedicated to providing the best patient experience possible. The Terrabis brand is focused on three values; A higher quality of service. A more elegant dispensary. A more professional staff. Terrabis selected Sprinter to help them build the brand to deliver on these high standards and continue to help them set the bar for excellence in the cannabis industry.

Key Needs

  • Ability to execute quickly and in uncertain regulatory environment
  • High creativity with industry experience
  • Technical understanding of multi-party software operations systems.

Network Services Provided

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Elements
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Retargeting Campaign
  • Instagram Stories
  • Ad Spend Management
  • Website Content Creation
  • Social Post Creation
  • Evergreen Content Creation
  • Patient Onboarding Experience
  • Patient Rewards Program
  • Cross Platform Experience
  • Website Development
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Database Development


With Terrabis’s commitment to community and dedication to providing patients with the highest level of care, we knew we were the perfect fit to help them achieve the brand excellence they were looking for. We started from the beginning with branding, using proven exercises to develop the name and other major design aspects of the brand identity, before building out their website, filling it with expertly sourced educational copy, and developing the complexities of their digital membership program.

Once we had the brand defined, the design developed, and the digital experience live, Terrabis continued to grow, and so did our relationship. We were able to scale our solutions to meet the needs of each stage of their business as it grew. Next, they needed help with other technological aspects that are unique challenges in the cannabis industry, like payment processing, necessary third-party application integration, client management and retention with strict attention to medical patient privacy and confidentiality, and other cannabis industry-specific compliance and regulatory systems.

Working with Sprinter allowed us to accelerate our launch while keeping our eye on the long term initiative of being a tech forward company.

  • Nick - Managing Partner



With a need to stand out in such a budding new industry, extremely careful thought was put into designing all of the major and subtle aspects of the branding and graphics, including unique color schemes, brand value-driven slogans, and custom illustrations.

Strategy Innovation

Being such a new and quickly expanding industry, meticulous effort was spent strategizing innovative methods and tactics to make Terrabis stand out as the leader in service excellence it is committed to being.

Digital Marketing

Digital presence is crucial, but certain restrictions on the marketing of cannabis-related companies make the creation and execution of marketing plans and advertising campaigns in the cannabis industry unlike any other. Knowing this, we tailored an effective and compliant digital marketing strategy, making sure the style and tone conveyed the top level of professionalism and expertise Terrabis needed.

User Experience Design

All of this started with the digital patient experience as the primary focus, while also taking into consideration the importance for consistent brand messaging to be integrated as part of the in-person shopping experience, communicated cohesively throughout each of their several physical store locations. By incorporating some of the most advanced tech solutions, Sprinter was able to exceed expectations in designing the optimal user experience.

Software Engineering

Terrabis wanted their website to serve as an intuitive platform that allowed them to connect with their patients. Utilizing top of the line software, we did this by making it easy to navigate, compatible with the integration of necessary third-party applications specific to the cannabis industry, including a strategic communications' solution for keeping in contact with patients, all with the ability to grow and expand with the future needs of the company.


In the modern world of cannabis, building a brand that has a meaningful story, paired with a consistently unique design that’s supported by the proper messaging is critical to long-term success. From first creating an unmistakable brand identity to commanding a strong digital presence and being recognized as a leader of professionalism in the cannabis industry, to continuing their journey of growth as an alternative healthcare provider. By leveraging the solutions of Sprinter, we were able to build more than just a brand for Terrabis. They didn’t have to worry about all the technical nuances of digital success, giving them the ability to focus on what matters to them most of all, caring for their patients.


Seamlessly integrated custom patient experience with marketing, operations, and e-commerce software
Created 6-month content calendar with multi-use campaign material
Helped successful launch first retail location
Developed all brand assets and guidelines