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Simply put, there is too much friction in remote work.

Remote team suppliers have too many software dependencies and information silos. Remote team consumers lack team trust and project transparency. These inefficiencies lead to missed deadlines, budget overruns, and poorly executed projects wasting time and money.
Sprinter was built to fix that.

Sprinter is a Web3 platform that is part talent network and part technology platform, wrapped in a layer of trust.

The talent network consists of vetted, member only teams and individuals in the technology service space. Those teams could consist of a software engineers, a social media designers, technical product leads, and more more types of tech providers. Members exchange their time and skill in exchange for deliverables and payment. Unlike other talent networks that focus on a freelance model, Sprinter focuses on providing full teams to projects to provide more uniformity in delivery. Membership in Sprinter is structured as a DAO, which allows members a say so in how the ecosystem is governed and enhanced over time.

Unique to Sprinter, the proprietary software platform provides a technology layer for members to deliver the work they were hired to complete. Built into the platform are standard project management tools, a time tracking system, sprint payment protocol, team chat, and unified project notes. Engineered for simplicity and standardization, other dynamic features in the platform are designed with the intent of making sure projects stay on task and on time.

Trust is established through the use of a utility token native to the sprinter platform. The token serves multiple uses. The first allows for the use of smart contracts to establish an escrow protocol between suppliers and consumers. This escrow system eliminates scope creep, inadequate service, and payment risk, each of which can erode the integrity of a project. The second use acts as a governance mechanism for network members to shape the direction for the platform and community. Members are unified as token holders and incentivized to collaborate together to build the best ecosystem possible.

How does Sprinter solve the problems that many face when working with remote teams?


For the consumers, it provides a trusted place for businesses owners to access talent. No more 30 quotes from teams that aren’t qualified. Member teams are incentivized to work collaboratively and provide top level service. It’s “a rising tides lifts all boats” mentality.  Further, the software enables consumers to get a real grasp of their project deliverables. Features such as reporting, chat, and notes, give them direct access to their team without learning multiple systems or tools. Most importantly, the use of smart contracts allow for payments to be escrowed on the blockchain, giving the consumer peace of mind that their payments are delivered when the work is successfully completed.

For the suppliers, Sprinter provides a standardized way of working with remote clients. Suppliers can simplify their in-house software dependencies. The software allows for unified communication and information between all stakeholders on a project. Features built into the platform help to eliminate scope creep and help suppliers get paid what they deserve.

Further, the power of the membership allows for suppliers to offload unused talent to other member projects or source additional resources to scale up on a project when needed. Because the network benefits from all parties being successful, there is no race to the bottom on pricing, making it fair for everyone.So how does Sprinter solve the problems that many face when working with remote teams?

Our Mission

We built Sprinter to solve recurring problems once and for all, for everyone.

We wanted to remove all friction from working with and managing remote teams.

We want people to own their own tools instead of renting them from Big Tech.

We do not want to have to pay monthly subscription fees for all of the softwares we need to run our businesses.

We want to have control, input, and influence over the roadmap of the products that our businesses rely upon. Too often the users are not heard and are sacrificed on the alter of profits.

We don’t want to have to juggle softwares for every client and project based on their tech stack.

We want to have a trusted community of vendor partners.

We want fair and transparent billing for all parties.

We want clients to have a single source of vetted service providers without

We want to end the stacking of profit margins through layered subcontractors and eliminate the rent seeking behavior of talent marketplaces.

If you join Sprinter as a Member you are a member and retain access to the Sprinter Platform as long as you own the software license token.  

There are no recurring dues or subscription fees.

If you no longer wish to be a member of Sprinter you are able to sell this token to an existing member or a third party of your choosing, at which time they will own the software license token and enjoy the benefits of Sprinter Membership as an Individual or Agency Owner Member.

Our membership includes some of the best boutique agencies and independent technologists from around the world.

Our partnership with CV Labs allows us to connect our membership with the crypto communities of Zug, Berlin, Lisbon, and Cape Town.

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Our Values

At Sprinter, we believe that creativity and innovation are essential to drive successful projects and businesses and lead to new solutions and better outcomes in the long run. They are necessary to stay ahead of our competition and provide value to our clients.

We are committed to an environment that encourages our members to explore the possibilities of new ideas, to be creative and think outside the box to design and engineer solutions complex problems and push the boundaries of what is possible.

This gives us the edge over our competitors and help us all achieve success.

Sprinter believes that communication is key to a successful customer experience. By providing clear and concise information to customers, they can ensure that their needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition, Sprinter values Collaboration with customers and partners to ensure that their solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each.

Finally, they value the importance of Efficiency in order to ensure that the customer experience is timely and seamless.

By valuing Communication, Collaboration, and Efficiency, Sprinter is able to provide customers with a high-quality experience that meets their needs.

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