Software Engineering

Getting your product built requires the right team and strategy.

Go From A Concept On A Napkin to a Working Product

Product Development encompasses all the technical aspects of the project; from creating a working minimum viable product (MVP) to enhancing its features based on user feedback. The product development cycle is integral to the success of your final product.

Minimal Viable Product

Design and develop the just features you need to bring your product to market

Scalable Release

Build upon the foundation of your product in support of your user acquisition goals

Support + Maintenance

Secure dedicated engineering resources to support and maintain your systems and squash any bugs as they appear.

Working Beta

Produce a fully functioning beta version of your software for user testing

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Software Engineering

Hire the best freelance software engineers.

We help companies find the right software engineering talent for all types of development projects. Sprinter changes the way companies supply and manage product development teams. With Sprinter, your personnel costs are slashed as we handle the HR, onboarding and training for our team of freelance software engineers. We also facilitate a scalable operation - have a new project that needs hyperfocus? We can have additional software freelance resources assigned to your project in no time. No matter what your challenges, we can make sure you have the professionals with the right skills and knowledge build exactly what your business needs.

A Software Development Agency at Your Fingertips

Via our fully vetted talent pool of freelance software engineers, we can deliver end-to-end development solutions for your business. Use our platform to hire a cross-functional software development freelance team today!p Our network of freelance software engineers include professionals such as frontend developers, backend developers, QA engineers, UX designers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, app engineers and more. We will build a multi-disciplinary team to help you plan, design, build and launch your projects, and you will be able to track their progress via our project management platform as well.

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