Helping America's largest trade association deliver the right resources to its 1.4M members.

NAR approached Sprinter wanting to update their existing e-commerce platform to a more modern version, with a fresh look and feel that would successfully serve their members for years to come.


NAR is America’s largest trade association, representing 1.4 million members, including NAR’s institutes, societies, and councils, involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries. Founded in 1908, NAR has a long legacy of being a leader in real estate. They chose Sprinter to help continue that legacy by building an e-commerce platform to connect members and allow streamlined access to NAR’s extensive library of resources for real estate professionals.

Key Needs

  • Updated and refreshed e-commerce platform
  • Track and display NAR’s value to members

Network Services Provided

  • eCommerce Experience Design
  • Custom Frontend Experience
  • Cross Platform Experience
  • Website Development
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Database Development


With such a massive membership database already in place, we knew remodeling the existing platform would present certain integration hurdles, and we were immediately ready to provide custom solutions for every challenge. NAR prides itself in providing value to its members. Giving members a way to see this value in real-time was a top priority in building out the platform to accurately track and display the value of membership, including exclusive member pricing of services and resources available, while also taking into account any special deals, occasional coupons, and regionally or locally-run programs.


NAR wanted a more modern e-commerce platform that created a seamless process to provide its 1.4M members of real estate professionals with a one-stop-shop for educational tools and resources for boosting their business, all while accurately tracking and displaying membership value in real-time. By leveraging the network of experts and solutions at Sprinter, we were able to build their dream e-commerce platform, with a custom storefront design, intuitive payment processing, and custom API to integrate their fulfillment center. Dealing with physical and digital assets required a lot of custom design in the e-commerce portal. We did this all while still being able to sync everything together cohesively to properly identify different divisional run programs, discounts, and specials at the correct regional and local levels, and different membership tiers. Now, with NAR’s new system up and running, they’re guaranteed to continue their legacy of serving as a legendary leader in the world of real estate, well into the future.


Re-platformed eCommerce system in under 6 months
Developed unique user experience to enhance membership value
Connected platform to 3rd party warehouse fulfillment system