Who Sprinter Works For

August 5, 2022

Whether you’re a founder or an agency owner, a consultant or a creative, Sprinter works for you.

Key Takeaways:
  • Sprinter aggregates talent, giving users access to a global market of developers and jobs while helping minimize the costs of maintaining a global operation.
  • Its blockchain-enabled smart contracts ensure that contract work is programmatically issued, completed, and paid for, enabling trusted business relationships.

Work is all about trust. For companies, trust that the work they need done will get done. For workers, trust that the value they create will be rewarded.

Think about work that way, and it’s clear that work, well, doesn’t work anymore.

A major reason is that the relationships that have traditionally driven trust have eroded. 

Companies are vexed by their inability to find dependable talent capable of helping them meet their goals. Workers are watching mounting costs eat away at the fruits of their labor, limited by static salaries and insecure employment.

Those factors existed before, but the global pandemic drew them further into the limelight. And remote work has risen as one of the critical responses to a new sort of trust foundation for business relationships.

Still, while remote work has clear positives, it also is extraordinarily complex for companies to pull off. 

The biggest challenge: making all those moving pieces, from distributed teams to global supply chains to disparate software services, work together — even while physically apart.

Any solution must work for every group in that network, not just one. And that’s exactly what Sprinter does, creating an efficient, trusted, transparent, and streamlined execution platform for all actors. 

Here’s how it works.

Sprinter was built for Pros.

First and foremost, Sprinter works to optimize the workflow experience for the talented people who work on it. 

Think of it as a task management tool like Asana, except one where tasks are programmatically matched with top talent equipped to fulfill them.

It attracts a global network of top tech talent — developers, designers, and everything in between — precisely because it streamlines the trickiest parts of freelance work under a straightforward interface.

  • Pros don’t have to worry about complicated invoicing or onboarding, which is automated through the platform’s smart contract. 
  • Pros don’t have to scrawl through job sites and disorganized Discord chats, instead being matched with exciting jobs and tasks that match their skillsets.
  • Pros don’t have to worry about getting paid, with streamlined payments guaranteed through the Sprinter platform. 

Doing less logistical work means Pros can spend less time advertising their services and invoicing for them and more time focusing on the types of work they are most passionate about.

“Individuals” on Sprinter have a wide variety of titles and organizations: they are consultants or engineers, small business owners, marketing experts, and other creative technologists.

What they have in common is a desire to collaborate on projects together in a more streamlined, efficient, and trusted way. And if the network doesn’t work for them, then it doesn’t work for anyone. 

Sprinter was built for Managers.

Unsurprisingly, managing large and complex tech projects has only gotten more complicated as remote work has stretched the boundaries of the workforce.

Sprinter helps a large assortment of project managers — called “Leads” — meet their goals.

Product Managers can use Sprinter to…

  • Stay on budget, securing product development costs against time-tracked, QA-approved deliverables.
  • Hit their deadlines, by knowing who on their team is doing what, when, and how at all times. 
  • Manage resources, with flexible resources available to help get the job done on time and on budget.

Creatives and Consultants can use Sprinter to…

  • Access on-demand tech talent from a global network of trusted partners. 
  • Secure best-in-class technology to help tailor their branding identity.
  • Expand their services to take on bigger and better contracts.

Business owners can use Sprinter to…

  • Forecast their budgets, knowing what their project will cost before they get started.
  • Milestone payments, paying out only upon the delivery of timely deliverables.
  • Track performance in real time, so they know the work is progressing.

You may be seeing some common themes across these use cases. Essentially, Sprinter allows project Leads to have real insight — and oversight — into the progress being made toward their goals.

Breaking projects into manageable tasks, the Sprinter platform helps Leads connect with the Pros who can do the job well.

Sprinter is purpose-built to help Leads conceptualize and manage their projects while connecting them to a large, diverse, global talent pool. 

That working relationship is built around trust, of course. That trust is strengthened by Sprinter’s cryptocurrency and Stripe integrations, which make it even easier to securely pay Pros once the work is accepted and completed.

Sprinter was built for Companies.

If managers need a birds-eye view, company executives and agency heads need to see the entire university — and they need to see it now.

That’s why Sprinter has unique platform offerings for those needing a higher vantage point to manage multiple projects simultaneously. 

Founders can use Sprinter to…

  • Get to market faster without getting bogged down by hiring and juggling schedules.
  • Tightly manage burn rate with payments tied to specific goal-attainment projections.
  • Always have insight into task progress and individual contributions to each goal.

Executives can use Sprinter to…

  • Obtain actionable business intelligence, getting critical information to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Access real-time reporting, ending information leakage, so project stakeholders have the live data they need to succeed.
  • Eliminate unnecessary roadblocks to drive their business forward, faster.

Agencies can use Sprinter to…

  • Access global opportunities by extending their reach far beyond their own backyards.
  • Build a trusted partner network, increasing the scope and scale of their agency.
  • Obtain white label technology, integrating Sprinter technology directly into their systems while allowing you to keep your own brand identity.

Most of all, larger organizations benefit from their ability to access large global pools of talent on the Sprinter platform. However, increased transparency, accountability, and governance are other key benefits.

An investment firm could use this higher vantage point to oversee all the companies under its portfolio and the tasks that their Leads and Pros are undertaking on the Sprinter platform. 

In the same vein, a large corporation with departments spanning continents could quickly use Sprinter to see priorities at scale, allowing them to connect the dots that lead to industry innovation.

It isn’t easy to believe what you can’t see. Sprinter works for everybody because it helps build trust in everybody, from the company-wide level down to the individual pros that create value for the network.