We are excited to be returning to Zug, Switzerland for the CV Summit

The Sprinter team is returning to Zug, Switzerland for the CV Summit from September 14-15. We are excited to join the smartest minds in Web3 to share knowledge and experiences in building innovative blockchain-based solutions.

This year's CV summit will be special for us as it will culminate a difficult, yet rewarding, year — and also serve as a reunion with Crypto Valley and the investors who believed in us in our infancy. 

The experience of a lifetime.

or what would become one of the most profound 3-month periods of our lives.

In 2019, we were working on what was then just the earliest seed of an idea for a platform that would solve all of the problems companies face while managing global technology teams.

We were looking to raise seed capital for our project, and as two founders from Chicago, Illinois, we initially only approached American firms. However, we ended up being so amazed by the crypto revolution taking place in Zug that we shifted our fundraising focus to Switzerland.

At the time, CV VC was accepting companies to join the initial cohort of their CV Labs incubator program. Before we knew it, we were on a flight to Zurich and on a train to Zug for what would become one of the most profound 3-month periods of our lives.

As part of the Initial CV Labs Incubation cohort, known as Batch_01, we had the pleasure of working and learning alongside 11 other startups from eight different countries, spanning four continents. 

This experience put front and center the global reach of blockchain technology and reaffirmed our vision for a platform powerful enough to coordinate global talent.

Life after Zug.

The months and years following our experience at CV Labs were filled with terrific highs and difficult lows. 

We raised funding from CVVC and found our solution being used by teams at Vital Proteins, The National Association of Realtors, and Paypal. However, we also battled the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and saw the truly awful effects of war.

Sprinter doesn’t just build software for global teams, we are a global team. A large part of that team happens to call Ukraine home.

The success of a company is often internally tracked by “OKRs.” Setting those Objectives and Key Results helps define your goals and measure your progress, and Sprinter uses them in all facets of our company, from engineering to marketing.

But on February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine and kicked off Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, all those OKRs were reduced to just one priority — ensuring the safety of our employees and their families. 

Those first weeks and months were filled with calls and emails from our team in Ukraine from what seemed like a world away. One day without an update felt like a year. We did everything we could to ensure that they had the resources to successfully exit the country and find refuge. Luckily after a stressful few months, our team was able to reach safety.

A promising summer. 

With our team safe and sound elsewhere in Europe and far from the conflict, we were able to hit the ground running, continuing to build the world’s most direct way to source, manage, and operate remote teams, all while being sufficiently decentralized on blockchain rails. 


  • Hired key members to lead our solution sales team and bolstered our marketing efforts.
  • Underwent a complete redesign of our platform and website.
  • Integrated solutions for various use cases to help users optimize internal workflows, create brands, convert leads, implement marketing plans, and build side hustles.
  • Hit the road to connect with fellow blockchain community members while spreading the word about Sprinter at several conferences — cementing key relationships at Permissionless in Palm Beach, Consensus in Austin, and NFT NYC.
  • Published our whitepaper, formalizing our vision and methodology for achieving it.

The Journey ahead

As we return to Zug for the CV Summit, it is an exhilarating time for Sprinter. 

We will soon be minting membership NFTs, which will serve as a license to our platform and as a gateway to the Sprinter Network and the Sprinter DAO. We will also be airdropping our $RUN token to NFT holders, furthering our vision of collective governance and user ownership.

At the CV Summit, we look forward to sharing our progress with CV and its partners, hearing from its incredible line-up of speakers, and meeting new faces while reconnecting with old friends.

For us, this trip to Zug nicely bookends the Sprinter story so far. We began at Bach_01 and experienced both early wins and unforeseeable struggles. In the end, we’ve created something that has outlasted those challenges — and now we are back where it all began, at the precipice of fully realizing the web3 revolution driving the future of work.