Data Analytics

You can’t improve what you can’t measure

Capture The Insights To Make Informed And Educated Business Decisions

Gathering of user feedback and data to research and analyze performance with the intent of identifying growth and ROI opportunities.

Key Performance Indicator Analysis

Determine the best metrics for tracking the growth of your business

Custom Dashboard Development

Harness your existing data and visually present it in and clean and efficient design

Business Process Improvement

Review business processes to reduce friction and increase efficiencies

Conversion Rate Optimization

Analyze your marketing funnel and user experience to increase conversions

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Data Analytics

Business Intelligence Platform

Sprinter's all-in-one platform includes a robust data integration service that allows you to easily access volumes of data so you can pull reports that will bring insight and understanding to your business decisions.

What is Business Intelligence?

All business operates with data - facts, figures, and stats that come from internal and external sources. This data can be collected and analyzed to provide decision-makers a birds-eye view of how different aspects of the business are performing.

Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence often uses software applications to gather this data from data warehouses. Much of the data is then funneled into dashboards, data modeling applications, and creating reports and alerts.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of storing, organizing, and analyzing data for business purposes.

Obtaining accurate data and knowing how to analyze them correctly is a crucial component of modern business. This process is used to inform key decision-makers and allows them to make important strategic decisions based on data, rather than guesses. Data analytics involves reviewing key performance metrics, interpreting that data, and using it to determine an effective strategy for driving new business initiatives and dialing in existing operations.

Data analysts are responsible for helping guide core business units and practices, including marketing, IT, sales, and business development.

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