Sprinter is the result of years of hard work by dedicated contributors from all over the world.

We would like to thank Brian Shields, Alex Ford-Carther, Vladimir Makarov, and everyone who worked on what would eventually become Sprinter, especially Krukov Mykhailo, Sikorskyi Dmitro, and Hariaha Anna in Kyiv and Jay Honnold and Danny Maher in Chicago.

We would like to thank our angel investors, along with Galen Mason and the team at Michael Best, as well as Patrick Dougherty and the team at Foley & Lardner.  We would like to thank our families for putting up with the long days and late nights building Sprinter. We hope this makes sense now.

We would like to thank CV VC AG and the team at CV Labs in Zug, Switzerland for incubating our project and helping to guide our launch. Olaf Hannemann and Matthias Ruch have built an incredible organization dedicated to the development of decentralized technologies around the world and we could not have done this without their help.  We would like to thank Lukas Etter, Nicolai Reinbold, Ralf Kubli, Pascal Neupert, Pavel Jakovlev, Heinz Greenwald, and Fabio Schlaf for their friendship and support. We would like to thank our friends and fellow entrepreneurs Bernd Oostrum, Daniel Sax, 0xMummy, Trevor Grant, Nicholas Fouriezos, Sergio Stephano, Jonathan Ellis, Don Wyper, and Wayne Moore for their perspective and support.

We would like to thank Georgiy Lifanov, Max Lichin, Nick Lichin, Hermyn, Vitalik, Jayhuan for their friendship, hard work, patience, and unwavering dedication through extraordinary circumstances. We would like to thank the people of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv, for making us feel at home and showing the world the true face of bravery.