Built for enterprises

Enterprises, or “Agencies” as they are called on Sprinter, are the highest level of organization on the platform.

If leads need a birds-eye view to oversee their projects, then company executives and agency directors need to see the entire universe — and they need to see it now.

Sprinter empowers them to do so.

● Agencies can get to market faster without getting bogged down by hiring and juggling schedules, tightly managing their burn rate with milestone-tied payments and platform-produced insights.

● Agencies can eliminate unnecessary roadblocks, obtaining actionable business intelligence with real-time reporting that prevents information leakage, giving project stakeholders the live data they need to succeed.

● Agencies can access global opportunities by extending their reach far beyond their own backyards, building a trusted partner network that allows them to increase their scope and scale while utilizing Sprinter’s white label technologies.

The greatest benefit of working on Sprinter is all-in-one access to its global talent pool. However, there are other benefits for agencies working with the platform’s unique model, including increased transparency, accountability, and governance.

An investment firm could use Sprinter to oversee all companies in its portfolio, and the tasks that their Leads and Pros are completing in line with their broader deliverable goals.

A large corporation could see global priorities instantly at scale, spanning continents while overseeing work in its various departments, helping leadership spot trends that lead to industry innovation.