Built for professionals

Individual professionals, or “Pros” as they are called on Sprinter, are the lifeblood of the network — without them, meaningful work cannot get done.

● Pros don’t have to worry about complicated invoicing or onboarding procedures, which are automated through the platform’s smart contract. Sprinter handles procurement hurdles with HR departments at top enterprises, getting Pros access to Fortune 1000 companies and other major businesses that otherwise can’t work with contractors.

● Pros don’t have to scrawl through job sites, sift through disorganized Discord chats or send endless job applications into the void. Instead, they fill out a profile and are programmatically matched for interviews with interesting clients requiring work that matches their skill sets.

● Pros don’t have to worry about if they will get paid, with streamlined payments guaranteed through the Sprinter platform. All clients are vetted by the community, with reputation histories recorded publicly on the blockchain for anyone to view.