Member Benefits

Figure C

Token Access

The Sprinter platform, smart contract and RUN token are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sprinter platform, smart contract and RUN token are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

On Sprinter, each member NFT grants a tokenized software license for access to the network. They allow for distributed ownership and shared governance of the Sprinter network, returning value back to the users — the Pros, Leads, and Agencies — who produce it. There are currently two network membership NFTs, which are built on the Ethereum blockchain as native ERC-10 tokens.

Individual Membership: The Helmet

This tokenized software license grants individual Pros and Leads access to the Sprinter platform, and with it, opportunities to find and contract work. An initial release of 10,000 unique memberships will be launched with the network. Those 10,000 Genesis members will have special access to the Sprinter roadmap and platform features, in addition to holding a claim for the forthcoming Run Token Airdrop. As such, they will have a direct say over the future of the Sprinter network, with a token-enabled vote and opportunities for early input in private channels within the network’s Discord server.

Agency Membership: The Badge

This tokenized enterprise license grants Agencies the ability to build teams and agencies in the network, allowing them to tap into Sprinter’s global talent network and operating system for seamless work across borders.Badge holders receive access to an exclusive section of the platform allowing for the management of agency employees and contractors, as well as insight into the individual tasks and deliverables within their projects.Each badge will hold a randomly assigned number of user seats, ranging from 10 to 250, with the ability for Agencies to trade or purchase badges to fit their unique enterprise needs. The Badge NFT holders will also hold a claim for the RUN token airdrop, eventually giving them voting power and private Discord channel access as well.