Transaction Example

Figure G

Fee Breakdown: Fiat vs. RUN Transactions

Assuming a project rate of $100 dollars per hour

Assuming a project rate of $100 dollars per hour

Let’s say the marketplace per hour rate is set by the dynamic price model to be at $100. If a business chooses to complete transactions at these rates as a non-member without RUN tokens, the fee is the full $100, with $40 paid as a solution fee (Leads and Pro), $35 paid as the origination fee, and $25 paid as the network fee.However, if a business completes that transaction as a member using RUN tokens, they receive a 25% discount, dropping the total per hour marketplace fee rate to $75. The solution fee is increased by 25% for leads accepting RUN tokens from $40 to $50, while the origination fee is reduced to $0. The $25 network fees remain the same. These fees ensure that the Sprinter DAO treasury is replenished with new RUN tokens with each transaction, fueling continued network operations and future growth.