The RUN Token

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Platform Execution Dynamics

Smart Contract Sprint Lifecycle

Smart Contract Sprint Lifecycle

The RUN token is the native token of Sprinter. It is used as a payment token between network members, as well as having roles in governance, engagement, and community tracking amongst DAO members.


Members can earn RUN tokens by working with clients that pay with tokens, or by doing meaningful work to build and grow the Sprinter platform. Tasks that may be rewarded with tokens could include engineering, marketing, sales, and community development projects, among other things.When Leads, Pros and Agencies transact on the Sprinter platform, they receive a premium on their rates. When clients elect to pay member vendors with RUN, they receive a discount on services. These incentivizes encourage use of the RUN token as the primary method for conducting business, making the token more valuable and liquid on the network.


The RUN token is the triggering mechanism for storing information about transactions made on the Sprinter platform. When a client executes payments via the token, a new smart contract is generated and deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. The contract records all information about the project, known as the “Sprint,” from duration and costs to requirements and tasks. This process allows for the instantaneous recording of client and work history on the blockchain, empowering transparent reputation discovery, among other web3 features. It also allows the community to not just track engagement between clients and Pros, but also to track which members are most active in contributing to and building the Sprinter network. As you do more on the platform, you earn more RUN tokens, adding to your reputation and giving you more ownership and say over the network.


The RUN token can be staked to provide liquidity to the Sprinter platform. Holders agree to hold onto their tokens for a set period of time, and receive more tokens in return. Specific APY values are TBD and will be based on market dynamics, with decentralized finance platforms such as Uniswap used as the protocol for this staking mechanism.Staking can be done by anyone with the RUN token. This provides a powerful way for people to support the network and community even if they are not product managers, designers, developers, or other professionals currently in demand on the network. By staking, they strengthen the foundation of the community, allowing them to also participate in its growth and success.