Regulatory and Security Framework

The Sprinter Platform, the Run Token, and the Sprinter Network Membership NFTs have been designed and engineered to be compliant with all applicable US laws in an evolving regulatory landscape. If there are areas where changes must be made to remain compliant the Company and the Membership of the Sprinter DAO LLC are committed to ensuring any requisite changes will be made.

Ownership of the Run Token provides the holder with the ability to vote on matters related to the governance of the DAO LLC and the ongoing development of the Sprinter Platform, including electing Commissioners and Approving New Feature Development Requests

All members must submit KYC/AML identification information in order to engage with Sprinter Network Projects alongside other Sprinter Members and transact via the Sprinter Platform.

No one should purchase the RUN Token solely as a means of speculation. The Run Token is not an instrument for financial investment. Neither this white paper nor membership in the Sprinter network are an investment offering.

Ownership of the Sprinter Membership NFTs or the Run Token do not provide any ownership or equity interest in either the Company nor the DAO LLC.

There is no revenue sharing nor dividends nor distributions that will be sent back to token holders as passive income. Members are able to earn more Run Tokens by providing services and completing Sprints for Client Projects or Sprinter Network Projects.

The Run Token is a non-security, non-currency, digital asset commodity, built using the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Sprinter Membership NFTs are non-security, non-currency, digital asset commodities built using the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Sprinter Network will engage with cybersecurity professionals proposed by the Commission and Confirmed by the Community in order to ensure the DAO Treasury, the Sprinter Platform, and any third party community tools will be securely managed against hacking threats.