Introducing Sprinter

Sprinter is the first comprehensive user-owned operating system for remote work.

Whereas the old economic model required scores of full-time workers to conduct business, Sprinter allows businesses of any size — from a single individual to one that works with thousands — to rapidly coordinate their entire project flow from planning to payment.

Sprinter connects top professionals with companies looking to work with them, yet it is not just a job platform. Nor is it solely a tool for project management, payment processing, or analytics, although enterprises can use it for all those purposes too.

Instead of offering another segmented remote work service that managers will have to teach collaborators how to use over and over again, Sprinter seamlessly combines all the features that businesses need under one remote work management platform.

Its enterprise-caliber user experience is centered around five key features.

● Payment processing. Eliminate unsatisfactory work and scope creep with smart contracts, ensuring on-time payment delivery across currencies and geographies.

● Project timeline tracking. Manage team output and delivery schedules with calendar and list views of project flow from start to finish.

● Team hiring and management. List what is needed and quickly get paired with teams that can deliver against those goals.

● Sprint analytics. Use real-time stats for live tracking as each sprint progresses, filling in the gaps between ground zero to completed project.

● Business intelligence roadmaps. Provide key decision makers with the data insights they need, powered by automated live data reporting.

In a perfectly efficient market, the professionals who are best suited to do a job at the fairest price can contract directly with those in need of their services, regardless of where they live or who they already know. Consider a distributed team that employs a designer in Canada, a software developer in Switzerland, and a product manager in the United States.

In the past, that would mean navigating three different currencies, potentially dozens of redundant software tools, and countless legal and logistical challenges. Now imagine how those challenges multiply when an operation doesn’t employ just three workers but hundreds.

Sprinter makes this process frictionless across borders, enhancing market efficiency by using its all-encompassing suite of features to help both sides of the marketplace tap into the full global pool of workers and clients.